The Calligrapher's Rate Book Template

Marie Coleman Johns
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Struggling with how to share your calligraphy services and prices with your clients!?

You need The Calligrapher's Rate Book Template!

The Calligrapher’s Rate Book Template is a Canva template you can brand as your own to create a client-facing Rate Book of your key calligraphy services, starting prices, top-line policies, and more!

Dealing with pricing is hard enough 😖 -- let your rate book do the heavy lifting! It's time to level up your business processes. So download this ready-to-use Canva template and take the stress out of quoting jobs! 😌

It includes more than 30 template pages with multiple layout options, prompts for popular calligraphy services, guidance on base-line prices, sample policies language, and plenty of space to show off photos of our beautiful calligraphy, signage, and more.

Here's what you get:

  • Rate Book Canva Template (linked in the User Guide)
  • User Guide with tips & resources
  • Before You Design Checklist
  • Canva Template Intro Video Tutorial
  • BONUS 1: Rate Sheet Canva Template (linked in the User Guide)
  • BONUS 2: How to Integrate/CRM Video Tutorial

A professional Rate Book can help you:

  1. Save time when quoting calligraphy jobs - no more scrounging around to find your starting prices. Your baseline prices in your Rate Book are a starting place for more complex, custom jobs. 
  2. Demonstrate the value of your work (and your worth) to your clients
  3. Increase business revenue (once they see all you can do and offer, they may expand the scope of their original request!)
  4. Attract your ideal clients - your Rate Book makes your prices more transparent to your clients. The ones who want to work with you (and whom you want to work with) will be glad to pay your full value! 
  5. Overcome pricing anxiety - when your starting prices are formatted like a menu at a restaurant, it’s hard for clients to haggle, and makes it much easier for you to charge your full value
  6. Deal with Ghosting Clients – Ghosting will always happen, but your rate book helps clients self-qualify if they can budget for your prices. 

⚠️ Your files will be emailed to you after your purchase and may take a few minutes to receive.

🖥 Links to the Canva templates are on page 4 of the User Guide

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What is a Rate Book?

Rate Books are widely used throughout the wedding, design, photography, and art industries. A Rate Book (also known as a pricing guide) is essentially a “menu” of your services and prices. When done well, it's a document that also serves as a portfolio of your work and explains your top-line policies.

How do I use this in my calligraphy business? 

There's several ways you can implement this into your business processes and workflows. In the User Guide, you'll get three key ways to use it. I have mine set up to automatically send to clients after they've completed my intake form. That way they can review all of my services while I'm working on their inquiry.

How can it help me grow my business?

Clients find us a number of ways and not always through our websites. So you need a way to (visually) communicate your key services and starting prices to your prospective clients when your website isn't one of their touchpoints. A Rate Book can help you do just that! If someone reaches out for place cards, then receives your Rate Book, they may be more inclined to buy signage, or purchase add-ons like wax seals. Your Rate Book can help you do the selling without actually selling!

Will this help me learn how to price my work?

No. However, it can help you start thinking about your prices, services, and offerings more strategically. Creating my rate book underscored the importance of nailing my prices. So while I was building this out, I was simultaneously researching how to price my work. For help with pricing your work, I provide links to free and premium resources specifically for pricing calligraphy.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. However, if you have any questions or concerns about the template, please email so I can assist. 

Do I need Canva Pro?

No, the Rate Book Template is editable with the free version of Canva. As of the time of writing, all of the design elements used are free. However, Canva could choose to make them premium elements at any point. Please note: templates are optimized for the desktop version of Canva, not the mobile app.

What do I need in order to customize my Rate Book?

  • A clear understanding of your key services (i.e. paper place cards, tile place cards, envelope addressing, etc.)
  • Starting prices for each of your services
  • A Canva account (you can sign up for free; no need to pay for the Pro version unless you want to)
  • A basic understanding of Canva OR a willingness to learn the fundamentals (the intro video walks you through how to make changes to the Rate Book Template in Canva, but it is NOT a Canva 101 tutorial. Canva has tons of those on their YouTube page).
  • An understanding of your end-to-end client experience – from intake form (or first communication) to how you deliver the finished product to your client.

Do I need to be a wedding calligrapher in order to use the Rate Book?

No. Any service-based calligrapher can use the Rate Book Template. If you provide calligraphy services, such as luxury lettering, engraving, window art, etc., you can just update the services pages to reflect the services you provide and plug in your starting prices.

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Everything you need to create your Rate Book quickly and efficiently!

Rate Book Canva Template
User Guide
Before You Design Checklist
Intro Canva Template Video Tutorial
BONUS 1: Rate Sheet Template
BONUS 2: How to Integrate/CRM Video Tutorial


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